School Introduction

E&G Academy has trained hundreds of skilled horticulturists and landscape designers in Japan since 1998. A majority of graduates go on to work in key positions in the landscaping field in the capacity of nursery and landscape business owners, landscape consultants, greenhouse/nursery owners, garden book writers, photographers and garden designers.

About E&G

At E&G Academy, we consider “Exterior”, an environment which surrounds buildings, and “Garden” as a one space.

“Exterior and Garden design” is a design to create a harmonious link between inside and outside of the house, and provide a comfortable outdoor living space.

Landscape Designer Program

Our program combines hands-on experience and a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for employment as professional landscape designer in public, private and commercial horticulture, nursery and landscape consultant firm. Over the course of their training, students spend half of their time in work rotations in various work areas throughout Singapore.

Landscape & Gardening CAD Courses and Training Programs

RIKCAD is an exclusive CAD software for Windows, used to design floor plans, 3D modeling and perspectives for landscape and gardens, offered in Japan, but now gradually increasing its share in Asia.

E&G academy offers RIKCAD training courses for students to obtain cutting edge skill and know-how on methods of this newest technology, to be exceptional designers.



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